Isle Of Wight Trip

With work loosing sales of the Sat Navs sold in Halfords they have tried to corner the bike GPS market by releasing the ‘My Cyclo’. The product is released but is still being tweaked.


I was off work the week before and intended on sorting out things round the house and renovate the room after the housemate left.  During the week I was informed I would have to take all the marketing items down to the Isle of Wight with me!!!, I was not happy as did not know the other person from the sales and marketing team was not joining us. With all the promotional bits not fitting in my little Polo I was allowed to take the company’s pool car – a nice ford focus 1.8 Zetec (insert Picture). I went to work on Friday morning (while on holiday) to collect the car and extra items needed for the trip away.


I managed to nearly fill the Focus with the items; I then thought ‘where is the bike going to fit?’. I had borrowed a cycle rack just in case and I spent several hours trying to secure the cycle rack. Once the rack was on I then proceeded to load the car. I did this in my usual meticulous fashion, making sure nothing moved when we got going.  I then picked Heather up and on I went to the ferry for 6pm.  We blindly followed the sat nav and for the most part it was correct, the traffic round Portsmouth was busy. We made the ferry in lots of time. The crossing was easy and we saw the sunset on the way. Heather did inform me when on the boat that she did not like sailing. Just in case the ferry sank. When I reminded her I was a trained life guard this did not calm her nerves.  The crossing was a bit rocky and the screaming kids didn’t help.


We managed to find the B&B very easily, and were surprised how quickly we got there. Again, blindly following the sat nav. The lady met us at the front door and guided us to our room. We had the suite with 2 beds, bathroom and TV. We took a trip to Pizza Express for dinner and coming back from Newport was only a convenient 10 minute drive. After this it was back to bed for the 8am start.

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