Hi all, I thought I should really post up some info about my Skyline as I have been on here (Skyline owner Forum)  for a while and owned the car for nearly 3 years, since July 2006.

I used to have a 200SX
Nissan 200

I sold it and bought my Skyline

Skyline 1

The spec was
17″ work equip chrome wheels,
R34 GTT neo engine,
HKS exhaust,
HKS air filter
bigger radiator,
HKS boost gauge,
Pilot water temperature gauge
Flared wheel arches

It stayed like this for 30 miles (to petrol station and for a first drive) then on went my wheels 18″ Rota GTR`s – silver with a polished lip,

skyline BP

After a clean and polish and I fitted an Apexi AVC-R.

Wanting to see if everything was okay, I then went off to see GT aRt in Brighton.
After an initial inspection I got a surprise….yikes:
Lots of bits needed sorting
 Rear Diff Leaking,
 NSR Steering arm ball joint excessive play
 OSF +NSF track rod end and ball joint boots perished
 Front Neon Loose,
 Oil at back of engine- requires investigation
 Steering rack mounts have excessive play ( Need to be changed)
 Exhaust mount to gearbox missing nuts
 Inner edge of OSF +NSF tyres beginning to wear (due to camber)
 NSF tyre touching wheel Arch
 Battery not mounted correctly
 Earth Terminal Loose
 Water in boot
 Spare wheel retaining bolt loose
 NSF window squeaks
 Fuel pump stays on
 Knocking noise in steering wheel (possibly wrong boss for car)
 Gear knob insecure
 OSF front washer blocked
 Alternator belt Perished
 Exhaust leaking at front of manifold
 Wires running through nearside wing not protected by grommet
 Map sensor not mounted correctly
 Grommet fitted in bulk head incorrectly (could leak water)
 Apexi Map sensor insecurely mounted
 Brake fluid low and reservoir empty
 Wiring on offside wing disconnected and very untidy
 Coolant reservoir nearly empty
 Offside front light component insecure
 Power steering pump pulley and crank pulley do not match
 Power steering pip appears to be leaking
 NSF indicator wire insecure and could rub on wheel.
 Excessive play in steering rack
 NSF brake pipe beginning to perish
 NSF +OSF suspension top mount perished
 Wiring in OSF wheel arch very untidy
 OSR steering arm ball joint has excessive play
 Excessive travel on hand brake
 Osr Steering am knuckle excessive play

Happy with the throroughness of the inspection, I proceeded to book the car in to have some of the work carried out.

Working my way through the inspection faults, starting with a new Walbro fuel pump.
I went a bit mad with Japspeed and ordered: Skyline R33 front and rear strut brace,Skyline R34 GTT turbo elbow, down pipe, which GT-aRt fitted, along with a set of HKS coil overs after my Kei Office set had cracked,Skyline /200 SX steering rack bushes, Skyline R33 braided brake hoses,Skyline R34 split fire coil packs, and Apex/ Mocal oil cooler kit, and Supply/ Fit HKS iS ECU and skyline Loom adapor.

The car came back feeling a lot stronger.

skyline Gt-art

Being told during mapping the fuel pressure was low and charge temperatures were high, I changed the fuel pump to another Walbro, and rewired the fuel pump using the directions from SAU to wire direct from the battery. I also bought an FSE power boost valve with gauge to measure the fuel pressure (not yet fitted) and ordered an ARC front mount intercooler, Due to the thicker radiator I could not use the normal kit so had to get the kit that uses the original holes JDM Style.

I left it like this for a while as after rewiring the fuel pump, the fuel pump noise was better and and the car seemed to run better.

On the 27/11/2007 @ 18:44 some one pulled out in front of me on a roundabout

skyline Crash

The damage doesn’t look too bad but it smashed the indicator, cracked the bumper, broke the headlight mounting points, popped the front grille off, bent the wing and bent the FMIC.

A-plan wrote the car off but gave me cash in lieu to repair the car.
The Insurance quote was

So with the payout I decided to modify rather then repair. On went a Do-luck front bumper, new boot to replace my leaking one, a small boot spoiler, new grille, fitting and sprayed, new pair of headlights. Also, while off the road I got the wheels painted at Wicked Wheels. As you can see, they did a superb job.

QM1 White spokes and centres, with a polished lip and new shoes all round.


She was now looking the part, but over fuelling and wanting a bit more power, so back off to GT-aRt for an ECU re-map, fit the power boost valve.
While there, Gary found the over fuelling coming from a damaged lamda sensor so replaced this, and then discovered whoever fitted the engine earthed out some sensors straight to the body work, so sorted these out. On the rollers again, discovering there were still fuelling issues with the Consult port not working this made things difficult, we decided to deliver the car back so I can trace the wiring through fully.

Upon checking I have discovered a mass of wiring errors, I have spent 2 days removing black electrical tape from the loom, that was hiding horrific wiring errors such as earth’s just twisted together, The lamda wires ground to the chassis.
I am now going through the wires one by one to check everything is as it should be and every day find more surprises where circuits have become combined due to sharing power feeds or just not connected.

Here are some current pictures. Me dressed for the occasion

Should the speedo convertor be wired in like this?

The pssenger footwell

Where the drivers seat should be

As you can see, lots of black tape and loose wires

Does anyone have pinouts for these connectors, they go from the Ecu to the dash and consult port. I have the R33 socket and R33 and R34 plugs. Both plugs have several wires cut and taped off.

An update from this weekend
I went on a trip to GarageD to get an R34GTT Turbo elbow (boost side). After speaking to the guys there, I discovered I have a mixure of R33 and R34 Ancilaries including the power steering pump. This means, when changing the belts and pulleys I will need to get a mixture to suit the car
After spending more time today stripping more black tape, and tracing wires, managed to remove a whole part of loom, with 2 knock sensors a blue connector and grey connector.

A couple of bits I discovered.
Is the the oil pressure sensor or oil temp sensor? It is just where the oil filter screws on

Also what are the plugs behind the washer bottle?
It seems they are part of the GTS-T loom

I just keep reading the manual and wiring diagrams and they are sinking in slowly.
I am 3 plugs away from completion.
The White 48 pin plug where R34 meets R33.
The 2 wires from the first butterfly on the inlet (R34)
The 6 pin connector behind the passenger headlight ( R33)

I am hoping someone may have the pin outs for the engine to car loom connection?
Then just waiting on boost junkies to send through a complete set of slicon hoses and then have to decide do I put her back on the road now and get used to the power or fit the turbo I have lurking???

After taking the loom out of the car, I found 21 wiring faults. Most of them have been rectified, I just need to check on 1 sensor and check where the R34 and R33 looms connect then put it back and hope it works.

I got home today and these were waiting for me ?

Silicon hoses are now fitted apart from the water hoses, due to mismatch thermostat housing. all new purple vacuum hoseing, new Head unit fitted and HKS iS moved and wired to TV head unit.

After months playing around with the R34 GTT loom, and not getting anywhere. I decided to buy a new loom. I contacted some well know companies and 2 came up trumps, so after a few e-mails on Saturday my friend and I went off for a lads day out to Garage-D.

When up there we explained what I was planning on doing with the car and where it had been and what had been previously done and were told I was making it very difficult. So I asked why? Julian then told me I should use an R33 Spec 2 engine loom and most of my electrical problems will go, all I need is: R33 Spec 2 engine loom, Pink stickered Air flow meter, fuel pressure regulator and an R33 ECU and it should go.
Then after deeper discussion finding out which starter motor/ knock sensor looms I had could cause a problem, also the fuel pump rewiring that was done may cause a problem, so it was booked in. I was given the option to drop the car off on Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th. So I opted for Saturday.

This sounded great so now just looking for a way to get the car up there. So far been quoted £130 to trailer the car using uShip – The Online Shipping Marketplace – Ship Freight, Furniture, Vehicles or Moves


The car is off to Garagre D to be resurected.
I was due to purchase a new R34 GTT loom from them, but after disscussion found the best route is using an R33 Spec 2 loom.
To get the car running with the Neo engine i will need:
R33 Spec 2 Engine Loom,
Pink Label AFM,
Fuel Pressure Regulator,
R33 Spec 2 ECU

Out of the above I already have the AFM, and an FSE power boost valve, so only need the Loom and ECU.
I will then have spare :
an R34 engine Loom,
1 Standard R34 GTT ECU,
1 Chipped R34 GTT ECU.

Also, as I have my HKS iS connected to my screen, the HKS loom will be replaced so I can still use the viedo out, and also may add the additional software cable going from Consult port to the iS for more displays.

After months of not sure what to do with the car, things are now looking up.
When it is running I am after a Sports cat, so I dont keep on having to change the cat every year, and as there are more VOSA vans around, just need to find one. Does anyone on here sell them?

When fitted off for an MOT, then will start saving for insurance. not sure what to expect. 29 yrs old, 10 years ncd, 3 points (SP30), 1 Claim. and this will be my second car with limited mileage??

Here is the car off to be fixed and made better.