Web Design

Skills refresh and SEO

I have had a keen interest in the internet and building my own website for a while, I have dabbled every now and then and never really got very far i just got caught up with life and put it to one side. Well now I have a renewed effort.
I am slowly building my portfolio of websites and increasing my online presences.

While researching myself online i did find an article from the guardian I agreed to appear in when the government first released a new home buy scheme.


I was surprised on how many other gregory murch or greg murch’s there were in the world. I am not as unique as I thought I was.

I have re-read the W3Schools HTML book and CSS book, also brushed up on my WordPress guide and I have discovered a great SEO website thanks to my brother-in-law so am reading this to gain ranking.
So far my portfolio included:
and my recent project is:
This is very much work in progress working with another company, I am responsible for gaining search places within Google and Bing to gain advertisers.

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